Narita/Haneda Shuttle Service



We provide charter buses for arrival and departure at Narita / Haneda airports and Tokyo’s 23 wards

Shuttle plan for arrival and departure at Narita/ Haneda airport and Tokyo’s 23 wards

Guide for Narita and Haneda airports
* This plan is valid only fortraveling to and from Tokyo’s 23 wards. This is not the appropriate plan should the place of arrival or departure be outside of Tokyo’s 23 wards.
* This is only an approximate of the number of suitcases and passenger capacity. For vehicles like microbusses, which have luggage loaded inside, the passenger capacity decreases inversely with the number of suitcases.

Direct Transfer from Haneda Airport to Tokyo’s 23 wards.


Vehicle type Trunk room Suitcases(Est.) Capacity (Est.) Fees (Est.)
Large bus Yes 20~35 pieces 28~45 seats ¥100,000~
Medium-sized bus Yes 15~20 pieces 25~28 seats ¥95,000~
Small bus Yes 5~10 pieces 19~24 seats ¥85,000~
Microbus None Loaded inside bus 18~20 seats ¥85,000~
* Narita Airport Surcharge Additional ¥5,000~
* Weekends, Holiday Surcharge Additional ¥5,000~

Common items for Narita and Haneda airports

1.The fees in the table (estimates) for one-way transport using one vehicle is tax inclusive (estimated) .
2.Standard usage hours are between 9:00 am and 8:00 pm (weekday use). It is for 1 day of charter fees without a designated bus company and without a guide.
3.The forwarding fee to any of the 23 wards of Tokyo is already included in the fees in the table. However, arrival/departure to places outside of the 23 wards will require a separate calculation for the forwarding fees, road tolls, and parking fees that will be incurred as well as meals for the driver.(Standard: local payment on the day itself.)

Road toll classification

Vehicle category …Large bus⇒Special large-sized vehicle、Medium-sized bus ⇒Large-sized vehicle、Small// Micro/Mini buses⇒Medium-sized vehicle