FAQ (Coach service)



FAQ Regarding chartered coaches

How do I reserve a bus?
The procedure in reserving buses is outlined as below. As a rule, it is conducted through e-mail.
(1)After receiving a price quote through the website’s Quotation Request Form, formally apply for the tour.
*We cannot entertain inquiries or bookings by phone.
*We will furnish the quotation within 3 business days upon informing you of our receipt of the form during our business hours.
(2)After we receive the itinerary table by fax, formally apply after receiving the price quote. (The more specific the itinerary, size of party and inclusive dates, the more accurate the quotation will be.)

What determines the bus fee?
Bus fees differ depending on such factors as departure date, destination, and type of tour.
Peak season is April, May, October and November Low season is from December to March but computation of charges are also different between weekdays and weekends. Weekdays during low season are the cheapest.
During the busy season (peak season) many buses get fully-booked quickly, and it may be difficult to book your most preferred-type of bus because the number of the buses are limited, as well as expenses increase considerably. It is important to inquire and consult earlier.
What is your priority when requesting bus arrangements? (ex. The fee? The furnishings? The bus type?) If you can specify it clearly the better the chances are that we can make bus arrangements that best fit your preferences. Please take note that bus expenses differ depending on destination, bus type, travel period and departure date.

What is included and not included in the bus fees?
Included in the bus fees : Bus reservation fee, fuel fee, driver’s fee (service charge).
Not included:
1. Tolls (expressway), parking fees
*Differs by bus type
2. Driver’s meals, accommodations
*(also referred to as the crewmember) Driver’s expenses
3. Forwarding fee, transit fees
*Expenses incurred should using toll roads be necessary from garage / office to the meeting place (place dispatched to), from the send-off place to the garage/office
4. Early morning, late night toll fees

What are the buses furnished with?
The actual amenities differ according to bus type but a tv, vcr, refrigerator, car pot, karaoke, reclining seats, trunk room, etc., are furnished.* In general microbuses are not equipped with the above.
Classification according to bus size