Chartered Bus



We have chartered buses available perfect for any number of passengers and for any purpose.

Guide to Vehicle Types/ Seating Arrangement

  • Microbus
  • Capacity:18~21 seats
  • *Road toll classification:
    Medium-sized vehicle
    ※no trank space for luggage


  • Small bus
  • Capacity:19~24 seats
  • *Road toll classification:
    Medium-sized vehicle


  • Medium-sized bus
  • Capacity:25~28 seats
  • *Road toll classification:
    Large-sized vehicle


  • Large bus
  • Capacity:28~45 seats
  • *Road toll classification:
    Special large-sized vehicle


The Tariff of chartered coaches. (Reference data)

【The Tariff of chartered coaches (Reference data) including sales tax. 】

* These rates are valid to travel to Tokyo, Chiba and Saitama.
* This is a weekday rates. The duration is 8 hours between 9 am and 8 pm.
* We recommend you should make an early reservation since it is very crowded on weekend and national holiday of tourist season.

Type of Coach Micro Bus Small Size Medium Size Large Size
Type of tariff for tall way Medium Size Medium Size Large Size Special Enlarged
Capacity up to 18~20 seats up to 19~24 seats up to 25~28 seats up to 28~45 seats
Chartered Coach Fee (8 hours) JPY 90,000~ JPY 90,000~ JPY 100,000~ JPY 110,000~
Narita Airport ⇒ Hotel in Tokyo JPY 85,000~ JPY 85,000~ JPY 95,000~ JPY 105,000~
Haneda Airport ⇒ Hotel in Tokyo JPY 80,000~ JPY 80,000~ JPY 90,000~ JPY 100,000~
Weekend & Holiday Surcharge JPY 5,000~ JPY 5,000~ JPY 10,000~ JPY 10,000~
Additional Charge for Over Time (per hour) JPY 5,000~ JPY 5,000~ JPY 8,000~ JPY 8,000~


1. These standard rates are including sales tax. They are subject to change due to acctual date, itinerary, availability and condition. Feel free to contact us if you have any request for quotations.
2. These standard rates are covered that the tour will be started or terminated in Tokyo, Chiba and Saitama. As for other area, please let us know by the request for quotation form.
3. Above rates are maximum 8 hours per day between 9 am and 8 pm.
Maximum is within 180km per day.and merely approximately price.
If you need to extend the above maximum time, we will charge the additional fee to you.
4. You have to pay for an accommodation fee (approx JPY 10,000) for driver. The condition is as bellows;
* Pick up time is before 8 am.
* Meeting place is a surverb area.
5. The driver can speaks Japanese only.
6. In case of over night driving like a skiing tour, tour to Oze or Mt. Fuji, we could not offer these rates.
7. Send us inquiry for more precise tour fee.

Items are excluded in this tariff

1. Toll Way Road Fee
2. Parking Fee
3. Forwarding Fee(Toll fee between the office of coach company and pick up or drop off point. )
4. Meal Expence for driver (for example JPY 1,000 per breakfast, JPY 1,000 per lunch, JPY 1,500 per dinner) *You do not need to pay for meal expence, if you arrange their meal.
Gratuity ( approx JPY 1,500 – 2,000 per day )
5. Accommodation fee for driver (if it is required. / Basically, you arrange the hotel by yourself.)
6. Tour Guide Fee (Including any expence like a meal, accommodation, traffic, communications)
*We can make an estimation include these above expences if you require.
Basically, we quote the standard chartered coach fee only. You will pay for these expence on the spot.


*100% of the total fee is required to settle prior to the operation day. Bank transffer is required.
We do not accept the payment in a credit card, and the payment after the end of tour.

Road toll classification

…Vehicle category… Large bus->special large vehicle, Medium-sized bus-> large vehicle, Small/Micro/Mini buses -> medium-sized vehicle