Tokyo・Yokohama Area



The plans proposed below are samples with the departing/returning point set within 【the 23 wards of the Tokyo Metropolitan area】. We can make quotations and arrangements to suit your preferences, budget, size of the party.

*Please let us know your budget, the size of your party, the places you wish to go, the mode of transportation you prefer, whether you will need a guide and other preferences in the Quotation Request Form.

Tokyo Half-day Tour (without meals:A~D Plan/E Plan: with dinner)

A Plan

Hotel (a.m.)=Imperial Palace’s Double Bridge=Ginza=Sensoji Temple and Nakamise shopping street in Asakusa area=Akihabara Electric Town where duty-free shops abound

B Plan

Hotel (a.m.)=Asakusa Nakamise shopping street = Sumida River cuising from Asakusa Pier to Hinode Piear (approx. 40 mins) = Odaiba Seaside Park  *Accompanying guide will not get abord the cruising boat.

C Plan

Hotel (a.m.)=Tokyo Disneyland (1-day Passport Ticket included) *4-hour stay (from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.) *Accompanying guide will not enter Tokyo Disneyland

D Plan

Hotel (p.m.)= Odaiba Venus Fort = Akihabara Electric Town where duty-free shops abound = Ginza luxurious shopping district

E Plan

Hotel (evening) = Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building Observatories = Dinner at all-you-can-eat Shabushabu restaurant = Shinjuku Kabukicho entertainment district

Tokyo One-day Tour (with lunch and dinner)

A Plan

Hotel (a.m.)=Imperial Palace’s Outer Garden and Double Bridge=Ginza luxurious shopping district= Sensoji Temple and Nakamise shopping street in Asakusa area; Japanese lunch= Akihabara Electric Town where duty-free shops abound = Edo Tokyo Museum (Closed Mondays)=Buffet dinner *This plan is not available on Monday.

B Plan

Hotel (a.m.) = Tokyo Tower Obsrevatory = Meiji Shrine = Omotesando and Takeshita-dori fashionable shopping streets in Harajuku area = Lunch = Shibuya entertainment district = Fom Shin-Okubo Korean Town walk to Shinjuku Kabukicho entertainment district = Dinner at all-you-can-eat Shabushabu restaurant

Tokyo One-day Tour (without lunch, with dinner)

C Plan

Hotel (a.m.)=Tokyo Disneyland (1-day Passport Ticket included) ※6-hour stay (from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.) ※Lunch to be eaten on your responsibility during the stay. = Ginza luxurious shopping district = Dinner at Japanese or Western-style restaurant *Accompanying guide will not enter Tokyo Disneyland.

Yokohama&Tokyo One-day Tour(with lunch and dinner)

D Plan

Hotel (a.m.)= Yokohama Minato-Mirai Area = Yokohama Foreign General Cemetery and Harbor View Park; Chinese buffet lunch at Yokohoma Chinatown=Ginza luxurious shopping district = Sensoji Temple and Nakamise shopping street in Asakusa area = Dinner at fugu fish restaurant

Tokyo Free Time 5 Days (Basic Plan assuming two participants staying at one standard-type twin room)

1st day

Respective Home City (on international flights) Tokyo(Narita or Haneda airport )After meeting you at the airport, guide will take you to the destination in the Tokyo Metropolitan area by public transportation or chartered vehicle.  Overnight in Tokyo

2nd day

Free all day Overnight in Tokyo

3rd day

Free all day Overnight in Tokyo

4th day

Free all day Overnight in Tokyo

5th day

Check out of the hotel. Guide will take you to Narita or Haneda airport by public tansportation, airport limousine, or chartered vehicle, and accompany you to the passport control (for international flights). return to home country.
*The departure time from the hotel on the fifth day is set in accordance with the time of your return flight. (About four hours before the flight)

* This plan is based on arrival/departure in Haneda or Narita airport.
* This plan is specially programed for foreign travelers visiting Japan; it is not available for foreigners living in Japan.
* Please inform us of the number and the departure time of your flight upon requesting quotation.
* Please note that no guide nor other personnel will accompany you during the trip except when a guide picks you up/sends you off at the airport.
* In this plan, guides are supposed to take a ride on the transportation vehicles along with you from/to the airport, but it is also possible for them just to take you to the place to get on the vehicles (and not take a ride). If you prefer such arrangements, please consult us separately.
* If your arrival/departure time is very early/late, there may be cases where guides have to stay at a hotel near the airport to meet/send you. In such a case an extra charge may be required.
* Please consult us separately should you prefer less or more than 5 days.
* The mode of transportation between airport and hotel will depend on the size of the party, the client’s preferences and budget.
* We recommend inquiring and booking as early as possible as this is a plan for successive nights’ stay in the city. Please understand that, should the hotel in your preferred area be full, we cannot accommodate you.
Please inquire through the Quotation Request Form
● If you have any particular preferences for the accomodation area, please let us know from which of the below. However we may have to decline the request should there be no vacancies available. 1.Shinjuku、2.Ginza・Hibiya、3.Shiodome・Shinbashi・Hamamatsu-cho・Shiba-Koen、4.Shinagawa・Gotanda、5.Ueno・Asakusa・Ryogoku・Kinshi-cho 6.Ikebukuro・Mejiro
● Airport Meet and Greet Service
● Airport⇔Hotel Shuttle Service (consult us on the mode of transportation)
● 5 days over 4 nights(with breakfast)
● Please let us know your room preferences. (1 room per 1 or 2 occupants) (Please note that we can not make arrangements for more people than the capacity to use the room.)
* Refer to our sample plans on how to spend fee time.


* Guides come with the package but the mode of transportation (chartered vehicle, public transportation, etc.) can be selected to suit your budget and preferences.
* The above plans are recommended for at least 6 participants. (Tour charge per participant will be higher in general for groups of up to five people.)
* The described plans are strictly for reference only, therefore please let us know your preferences in detail through the Quotation Request Form.
* During weekends, Japan’s spring and summer holiday seasons, cherry-blossom and autumn leaves viewing seasons, and on other occasions when popular events are held, such as fireworks displays and local festivals, the roads leading to the sites as well as parking lots and hotels in the sightseeing areas are heavily congested, thus we may not accept reservations for your trips during these periods.For such a case, we cannot issue refunds. We recommend availing of our services during Japan weekdays (Mon-Fri).
* Payment must be completed beforehand in the Japanese yen by “bank transfer”. We do not accept payment by credit card or in any form after the tour. (Including payment of cancellation fees.)

Arrangements for restaurant reservations only (without send-off and pick-up, without a guide)

We make reservations for meals suitable to your budget.

* No shuttle service, no accompanying guide.
* The restaurants are not always staffed with those who can speak foreign languages.
* Let us know the name of your preferred restaurant, contact person, size of your party, operating hours (1st or 2nd choice).
* We must charge JPY 3000 (per reservation) seperately to your budget as our company’s fee. This applies to cancellations as well.
* Charges for drinks and additional orders are not included. Please pay directly to the restaurant.
* We may decline reservations if the restaurant is expected to be too crowded or in case your preferred date falls on the restaurant’s regular holiday or on the day when the whole restaurant is reserved for another party.